Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gone home

You can tell when someone goes home from a situation like this, no more updates! I've been wanting to write an update, but honestly, there's a lot of living out there to do. A 14 mile bicycle ride on a wonderful wooded trail, a 1000' gain hike in the Columbia River Gorge, walks to the Saturday farmers market downtown, and being with family and friends.

As I told the doctor today, I'm still concerned about getting GVHD (graft vs host disease), and about not getting it which might mean that I won't get the graft vs myeloma effect either. But I'm enjoying life so much that there's no time to worry about it.

Actually, what I was concerned was GVHD the last 2 days is more likely some minor skin infections due to my white cell counts being so low. That's a side effect of some of the medications I'm on. But as you imagined, there's a medicine for that, too!

Am I happy to be home? Absolutely, despite the unpacking, which isn't quite finished yet. I miss some of the people I grew fond of in Seattle, but not the kitchen flooring of the apartment. I was amazed to visit my buddy Chuck last week and find the same kitchen flooring! I didn't really want to see it again, but it was a good test of my mental stability. I think I passed.

Now it's just live and love and see what happens.


Don said...

How wonderful! What a great time for you. Let's hope for a very long remission, and thanks for letting us know.


Unknown said...


Another Dragon! Good to meet you. I hope your myeloma march slows back down again, or even better, recedes.

I updated the post with a link to a site with pictures from the hike I took in the gorge. That's just what it looked like, but unfortunately, they didn't show Mt. Adams or Mt. Hood, which were fabulous.