Monday, June 18, 2007

Final days

Last weekend at home was wonderful. On Saturday, I took the bus to the Farmer's Market, met Gene there and had a root beer float with him, then took the bus back home. Then, Marilyn and I walked the 2 miles to the market along the waterfront. It's a lot of fun seeing people you know at the market.

Going home got a little complicated. My oncologist is on vacation the next 2 weeks, and the first appointment I could get was during the second week of July. I think that's with my new neighbor oncologist, who I saw at the market, too, as it happens. What I think is going to happen is that we'll get to move home on Thursday, but I may have to get my blood tests in Seattle, so I may have to drive down a couple times a week. Update! They found an appointment for me for this Friday, so I don't think I'll have to go to Seattle after all!

But let me tell you it was so great to get a card from Gene on Father's Day! It was a hand drawn card that said, "Keep fighting hard!" What more inspiration do you need than that?

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Anonymous said...

I just got an email from Marilyn with the good news about getting back to Bellingham...I glad that's working out for you!
Take care (as you obviously are)